6 Best Anaheim Pepper Substitutes

If you’re looking for peppers that will provide your dish with mild heat and still maintain a nice flavor, then Anaheim pepper is the best you should consider. These peppers provide a refreshing, bright, and sharp taste when they are still raw, which alone makes them the ideal pepper for many dishes.

But what would you do if your dish calls for Anaheim pepper and you’re out of it? Would you leave your dish because Anaheim pepper isn’t available? Well, I don’t think that would be the best option as there are a lot of good Anaheim pepper substitutes that can work nicely in place of them.

I’m talking about jalapeno pepper, shishito pepper, poblano pepper, bell pepper, Hungarian wax pepper, and cubanelle pepper. But mind you, do not expect these peppers to have the same taste as the Anaheim peppers as they might slightly differ.

Let’s quickly learn more about them and why they can replace Anaheim pepper in your recipes!

Best Anaheim Pepper Substitutes

I have compiled a list of amazing Anaheim pepper substitutes, considering different factors such as flavor, availability, and how you can use them.

1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are an amazing substitute for Anaheim peppers with their relatively mild taste. They do not only provide your dish with a mild taste; they are also tasty and nutritious.

An upturn about the bell peppers is that they are available in almost every supermarket or grocery store you go to all over the world, and they are perfect for fillings, and stuffing’s in dishes.

Unlike some other types of peppers, bell peppers can be eaten either raw or cooked, and they can be perfect for salads as they come in many beautiful colors like red, green, yellow, and even orange.

Nutrition-wise, they have a relatively low number of calories, and are rich in vitamin c and several other anti-oxidants making them a healthy option!

2. Poblano Pepper

If you’re on a search for a pepper that provides the same heat level and flavor as the Anaheim peppers, then poblano is the pepper for you! The poblano pepper is said to have originated from Puebla in Mexico and is an extremely popular pepper in Mexico.

These peppers are dark green when raw, and when they start ripening, they become dark red or brown, which is the standard color for most peppers.

These peppers usually have thick skin, making them suitable for stuffing as they can stay perfectly in the oven. They are extremely easy to roast, fry, and even dry.

You can use the poblano peppers to prepare your sauces, soups, and even salads, and if you want to preserve them so you can make use of them later, you should remove the waxy texture to last longer.

3. Jalapeno Peppers

Like the other two peppers mentioned, the jalapeno peppers originate from Mexico, but now, they can be seen in almost every grocery store worldwide. It has a distinct flavor and texture, making it a perfect substitute for jalapeno peppers.

Jalapeno peppers have a mild heat level. When they are green, they possess a hotter taste, but you can taste a tinge of sweetness when they age and turn red.

You can use jalapeno peppers in basically every dish that you use the Anaheim peppers. It would help if you kept in mind that this pepper is a bit hotter than the Anaheim peppers, so be careful when using them in your recipes, but they can blend well in many dishes.

These peppers are super versatile as you can either roast them, add them to your soups, stews, and salads, or even use them in your lemonade.

4. Hungarian Wax Pepper

As the name implies, the Hungarian wax peppers originated from Hungary, and they are good substitutes for Anaheim peppers due to their versatility.

You should keep in mind that these peppers are about 20 times hotter than the Anaheim peppers, so now, you should be able to wonder how hot they are.

You shouldn’t consider this substitute if you do not have high heat tolerance. Instead, it would be best to consider going for lower ones like the bell peppers.

Apart from the difference in heat, this pepper also has a tangy feel at the end, and it is quite noticeable too. These Hungarian peppers are good for stuffing, and due to their high heat level, they are suitable to roast fry or pickle to your taste.

5. Shishito Peppers

Shishito pepper is said to have originated from East Asia and can replace the Anaheim peppers in many dishes. You should note that these peppers are slightly hotter than the Anaheim peppers, so you should be careful while doing your replacement.

You should keep in mind that the shishito pepper provides the same peppery flavor as the Anaheim peppers but is just a bit hotter, so when it comes to affecting the overall taste of your dish, these peppers got you covered.

These peppers work best when fried or grilled, and they can work exceptionally well for stuffing and salads.

6. Cubanelle Peppers

If you want a sweet-tasting pepper with a mild heat attached, consider the cubanelle peppers. These two peppers have a lot of similarities, they both have a sweet taste with a mild taste of heat, and when it comes to usage, they can both be utilized best when they are either fried or stuffed.

Before considering this substitute, you should have it in the back of your mind that the cubanelle does not provide your dish with as much heat as the Anaheim peppers, and when one is substituted for the other, it should be done in a ratio of 2:1 (cubanelle Anaheim), if not more.

Some other great substitutes you can and should consider include;

This brings us to the end of the substitutes for the Anaheim peppers so that you can pick one based on your taste, preference, and overall availability.

Related Questions

Are Poblano and Anaheim Peppers the Same?

These two peppers are not the same. The Anaheim peppers have a slightly milder taste compared to the poblano peppers. They both possess a green color, but the Anaheim peppers possess a slightly lighter green color and a slenderer shape.

Can Anaheim Pepper Be Substituted for The Jalapeno Pepper?

You can always substitute your jalapeno pepper with Anaheim peppers if you feel the heat from the jalapeno is too much for you. You should also not expect all Anaheim peppers to be mild as there are some whose heat level is equal to that of the jalapeno peppers with about 500-2000 SHU.

What Does an Anaheim Pepper Taste Like?

The Anaheim peppers possess a smokey, sweet, and tangy flavor. The sweet and tangy flavors are dominant over the smokey flavor, which is not as lingering as other spicy peppers.

Are Anaheim Peppers and Green Chiles the Same?

The Anaheim peppers and green chiles are very similar in appearance, but when it comes to taste, they both differ, as the green Chile peppers are much hotter than the Anaheim peppers.

Are Serrano Peppers Hot?

Serrano peppers are considered hot with a Scoville heat unit ranging from 5000-15000 SHU on a heat scale. The serrano peppers are about five times hotter than the jalapeno peppers, so imagine how hot you compare them to the Anaheim peppers.