7 Best Beef Shank Substitutes

Beef happens to be one of the most popular types of meat, and it’s a meat that is gotten from cows, and due to how big the animal is, there are a lot of cuts that you can use to make a variety of mouth-watering dishes.

A beef shank is a slice of muscular and very flavorful meat that is gotten from the leg section of the cow.

When the beef shank is unavailable, the most suitable beef shank substitutes that you can use include chuck roast, beef arm, oxtail, tendon, short ribs, silverside, the veal shank, and the skirt.

All these fit in as alternatives to beef shank, and all you would need to do is check your recipe and find out which of these options fits in more!

What Is Beef Shank?

The beef shank is a long, muscular, and skinny cut of meat from the lower half of the cow’s leg. Beef shanks are very inexpensive and extremely high in protein and low in fat, coupled with the fact that they are very cheap and can also be scarce.

This cut of meat is often used in braising, boiling, stewing, or any other cooking method that would take long to prepare. The beef shank can also be called other names like the beef foreshank, the cross-cut shank, and the beef Osso Bucco.

Best Beef Shank Substitutes

1. Beef Tendon

The beef tendon is the first option we will be looking at. If you enjoy tough meats that contain a lot of fiber, you will love this cut of meat. Like the beef shank, the beef tendon does not contain a lot of fat and possesses a lean and firm texture like gelatin.

To prepare your beef tendons, first, rinse in cold water and simmer for about three minutes with soy sauce. The beef tendons taste better when they are slow-cooked for at least 3-4 hours, and you can also add seasoning to enhance the taste.

Beef tendons are a staple in Asian dishes and other soups, stews, and various vegetables. You can find tendons sold alongside ramen for a delicious treat in Japan and India.

2. Short Ribs

Short ribs are another cut of beef that is just as tasty as the beef shank. The short ribs are not gotten from the rib portion of the cow, just as its name implies. Instead, it is gotten from the neck portion, arm, and shoulder, also known as the chunk portion.

Short ribs are chewy and stiff, but in terms of flavor, they are quite a handful, which is why they are popular for barbecue. It is mostly enjoyed when either smoked or grilled, but you can also braise them, and they would come out with a fantastic taste.

Other than roasting them, you can use this cut of meat for your sound and stews, and you should also note that slow cooking will release more flavorful richness from this cut of beef, and you shouldn’t worry about the bones as they fall off on their own.

3. Beef Arm

Another good substitute is the beef arm from the cow’s shoulder. Since this part of the cow is always mobile, the meat gotten from the beef arm is usually tough.

The beef arm tastes geta when roasted and braised and has a chewy and tough texture that makes it very suitable for slow cooking.

The beef arm has a perfect amount of fat in them, not too much or too less, and when cooked, the fats absorb the flavor, and when it enters the mouth, it gets released.

The beef arm has a balanced taste of flavors and a controlled fat content making it a suitable substitute for the beef shank.

4. Chunk Roast

The chunk roast is a cut of meat that is gotten from the cow’s shoulder, and it can be said to be similar to the beef arms.

These cuts differ a bit from the beef shank as it is a cut of beef between the shoulders and the neck; therefore, it doesn’t turn out too rigid.

The chunk roast can be a combination of both tender and stiff meat, so if you do not fancy chewy beef, you should use this cut of meat as a substitute for your beef shank. Chunks are a good option for minced and ground meat; they also taste great when braised.

5. Silverside

The silverside or corned beef is an amazing cut of meat that shares the same portion as the beef shank; yes, they do!

The difference between these cuts of meat is that while the silverside is gotten from the outside portion of the leg, the beef shank is more like the fatty inner parts of that meat.

The silverside is a lump of sturdy meat that contains little or no meat, and tough meats like the silverside are best slow-cooked. You can have this cut of beef alongside your favorite wine, your favorite veggies, and a lot of seasoning.

6. Veal Shank

The veal shank is another sturdy cut of meat used in some countries to replace the beef shank. The veal shank is normally extracted from the male calves and usually gets from the front and back legs.

Like the beef shank, the veal shank consists of a muscular section, and when the animal is more mature, you should expect a tougher cut from the veal. When going to the butcher, always ask for the hind shank as they are the most significant cut of meat with a large portion of meat.

7. Beef Neck

The beef neck is a cut of meat that is gotten from the neck portion of the cow. Unlike other cuts of meats mentioned above, the beef neck can be prepared however you want, and if you love chewy meat, you should cook it for a longer period than those who love tender meat.

The beef broth is ideal for soups and broth. You can comfortably slice them into your vegetables and seasonings, and they can also be slow-cooked for a very delicious meal. Simply slater them with your favorite barbecue and grill them to taste.

Related Questions

Are Beef Shanks the Same as Short Ribs?

They are not the same, but you can use them interchangeably in your meals. The beef shank has a sweet and juicy flavor, likewise the short ribs, and when it comes to texture, they are also very similar. They can both be added to your soups and stews.

What Is Beef Shank Also Called?

The beef shank is a cut of meat known as the beef hind’s hank and cross-cut shanks. Since this part of the meat is gotten from the part of the cow used for movement. For that reason, the meat is braised to make flavorful and fork-tender dishes.

Is Shank the Same as The Flank?

No, they are two different cuts of beef. The flank and the shank is that the flank is the flesh between the last ribs and the hips, while the shank is the part gotten between the knee and the ankle.

What Type of Beef Is Made of Two Muscles?

The round steak is the beef that is made with three muscles. The round steak is majorly identified with round leg bone and three muscles.

What Type of Beef Is the Most Tender?

The tenderest of all meat cuts is the tenderloin steak. They are very lean cuts of meat and are known for their tender and butter-like texture and thick-cut. They are so tender and can be cut with a butter knife. The tenderloins are commonly known as mignons or fillets.

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