6 Best Crème De Violette Substitutes

Crème de Violette is a French-based cocktail with a slightly sweet and floral cocktail. The violet petals give it its distinctive violet or purple-ish color.

Not all people use the peals in their drink, but it is essential if you want to provide your drink with vibrant color.

So, what happens when you can’t get your hands on any bottle of this amazing drink? Well, the easiest option is to opt for other crème de violette substitutes, such as parfait amour, crème Yvette, violet gin, violet syrup, etc.

Let’s quickly learn more about these substitutes!

Best Crème De Violette Substitutes

1. Parfait Amour

Parfait amour is another French drink that work well as a replacement for crème de Violette. This liquor combines the Parma violets and the rose petals with a few extra ingredients like vanilla, orange peel, and almonds to give it that amazingly mild sweet taste.

A spirit known as curacao is often used as a base ingredient. Although the citrus and vanilla flavor present in parfait amour is more pronounced than that of crème de parfait, the appearance of these two liquors looks the same, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it out of place in your violet fizz or water lily.

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2. Crème Yvette

Crème Yvette is an alcohol-based drink made by simply pairing the violet flavors with a base spirit and a sweetener.

You can use it to replace crème de Violette when the wine is needed in a smaller amount because when used in larger quantities, the difference in flavor is more pronounced.

Crème Yvette is fruitier than crème de Violette, and you can blame it on the number of raspberries, orange peels, honey, blueberries, vanilla, and strawberries that they added to it. Another noticeable difference between these two is their color.

While crème Yvette is red, crème de Violette is grey-purple. For people who major in the color of the cocktail, this substitute won’t be suitable for you, and also accompanied that, crème Yvette is a lot more expensive than the other.

3. Violet Gin

If you search for a purple liquor that still has that punch of sweetness, then violet gin is the substitute for you. When mixing it or using it as a substitute, you should know that the violet gin adds an alcoholic punch to your taste buds.

A perfect event where you can use this substitute in place of crème de Violette is in a blue moon cocktail. Having this substitute at hand makes your job as a mixologist easier, and once you’ve added a squeeze of lemon juice, your drink is ready to be taken in.

4. Violette Syrup

While looking for a suitable substitute, it is very important to add a non-alcoholic substitute as not everyone takes alcohol, so here we go. Violette syrup is an excellent, non-alcoholic substitute used in making mocktails.

It is produced by infusing violet flowers in several essential oils for it to have a floral taste, just like crème de Violette. This substitute might have some notes of lavender or rosy notes, but it all depends majorly on the type of oils you decide to infuse them in.

The syrup is often a lot less expensive when compared to liquor, so whatever of these brands you choose- Fabbri and Monnin, you are sure to save some money.

Apart from being a substitute for crème de Violette, it is an important ingredient as it adds a floral and purple taste to your puddings, dessert, and baked foods.

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5. Purple Food Coloring

If the major reason you opt for a substitute is because of its purple color, then it is okay for you to use the purple food coloring as a substitute.

This substitute should be very cheap, and for you to compensate for the lack of sugar in the syrup, you can start by adding a bit of sweet syrup to the mixture and a little water to compensate for the amount lost.

6. Home Made Crème De Violette

So, let’s say you don’t want to try out these substitutes and want an original crème de Violette; there is nothing more natural and tasteful as homemade desserts, foods, and even drinks.

For this recipe, first and foremost, you would need to have violet petals, and if you do not have them fresh, you can buy dried petals from your supplier.

For this recipe, you will need a cup of violet flowers, two cups of vodka, two cups of sugar, and a cup of water; easy-to-get ingredients.


  • Add your vodka to a sealable glass jar and then add your violet flowers to it and allow you to stay for about two days away from sunlight.
  • After these two days are up, you can now strain the liquid out of the flowers and set this infused part apart.
  • Add your water and sugar to a pot and let it cook under medium heat as you stir continuously. Once the sugar has been fully dissolved in water, get the pot down and allow it to cool.
  • After this has Coolen off, you can now add the syrup infusion and shake well before use. You can also store this syrup in a glass jar in the refrigerator for about twelve months, and it would only last that long if it is properly stored.

Your crème de Violette is best served when it has cooled off, so please, let it cool before serving it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liquor the Violet Also Referred to As Crème De Violette?

Yes, crème de Violette has also known as liquor the violet. It is a term used to describe a liquor with a natural taste, an artificial flowery taste with a neutral spirit, or these two.

Does Crème De Violette Have Lavender?

Although crème the violet is made of violet petals as one of its major ingredients, it provides you with some notes of lavender to enhance its amazing taste.

What Is Similar to Blackberry Liquor

A syrup similar to the blackberry liquor is the crème de cassis. This is a magnificent substitute for blackberry liquor, and it is relatively easy for you to find in stores.

Although this syrup is not made of blackberries, they are made of black currants, which are very similar to the blackberries, except they have a tangier taste.

What Can You Use Instead of Crème De Violette?

There are a lot of substitutes you can choose from, but the top two we will be introducing you to are the parfait amour or crème de Yvette.

For an alcohol-free substitute, you can try the Violette syrup, and for a substitute just for its purple-ish color, the purple food coloring would do just fine.

What Is It in Crème De Violet?

The ingredients contained in crème de Violette are quite easy to state out. Macerating violet petals make Crème de Violette in neutral alcohols or brandy. This liquor is usually dark purple in color, smooth, and has a subtle floral and fruity taste.