10 Best Mango Powder Substitutes

About seven out of every ten Indian or Pakistani recipes contain mango powder, also known as Amchur or Amchoor. Yes, if you love making Indian or Pakistani dishes, I’m sure you must have come across this recipe.

Amchur is derived from dried green mangoes and can be used when preparing different Indian dishes. It has a fruity flavor with a sour and tart taste and is indeed an indispensable spice.

But can mango powder be substituted for something else if you suddenly run out of it when cooking? Yes, there are plenty of mango powder substitutes that you can always use in place of it.

Tamarind powder, lemon juice, anardana, tamarind paste, lime juice, sumac, loomi, citric acid, kokum fruit, anardana, and Chaat masala spice are all great substitutes for amchur powder that will give you almost the same flavor.

Carefully read down as we examine them one after the other!

Best Mango Powder Substitutes

1. Tamarind Powder

Tamarind powder and mango powder have almost the same characteristics that often are intertwined in recipes.

While mango powder is obtained from mango trees, Tamarind powder is obtained from tamarind trees. Yes, they two have the same sour taste and tartness except for Tamarind with a sweeter taste.

In preparation for both sweet and savory meals, Tamarind perfectly fits in.

Furthermore, you can add a little lemon juice to it to help reduce its taste to suit your choice, as Tamarind can, in some cases, be sweeter than amchur powder.

2. Chaat masala spice

Chaat masala is a mixture of different spices, of which mango powder is included. This makes it a great mango powder substitute.

Other spices blended in it include cumin, pepper, Kala, and even Tamarind powder. Most of the street snacks in India contain this spice.

Chaat masala spice can be used in different dishes as many spices and flavors are blended in it.

Chaat masala is generally a mixture of sour, sweet, tangy, and very strong fruity flavors.

3. Anardana

Anardana is another suitable substitute for mango powder when preparing your stews, soups, braises, and other meals.

This Anardana is derived from pomegranate found in Western cuisine. This pomegranate is dried and ground to make Anardana.

Interestingly, anardana and mango powder have the same tangy flavor; however, the former is sweeter than the latter. Make sure you use the right quantity to avoid achieving the opposite.

4. Sumac

Sumac is a strong red spice that is prominent in the Middle East. It is made from ripped berries, dried, and ground into powdery form.

Sumac is similar to lemon in appearance and aroma. Both are also acidic. However, when it comes to sourness, Sumac is in no way close to lemon, and other substitutes discussed earlier.

Sumac is a goodmango alternative for all kinds of dishes.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the fruits that can be handy in the kitchen. And yes, it is also a good substitute for mango powder in making your dishes.

If you are looking for an easier means to get your desired acidity taste in your meals, then lemon juice is the best option.

Not only its unique level of acidity distinguishes it from others, but its sourness and fruitiness also do.

6. Loomi

Loomi is another fruity amchoor powder substitute. It is also referred to as black lime and black lemon. This is because it is gotten from dried limes.

Looking for something with a sour taste and some kind of sweetness?

Then looking is an idea for you. It is a widely known souring agent in India. And can be used for cooking different types of foods.

7. Citric Acid

Citric Acid is also known as sour salt and can be used in place of mango powder in your dishes.

If you want to give your food that unique sour taste when mango spice calls, then citric acid is an excellent substitute.

It could either be in crystal form or ground form.

8. Tamarind Paste

Tamarind paste is another wonderful spice that can be used as a replacement for mango powder, just like tamarind powder.

It is obtained from a dark and tangy fruit that develops in a pod around a tamarind tree. It serves both sweet and savory dishes.

However, caution must be taken as tamarind paste is in liquid form. Therefore, it is better to add half of that mango powder to the measurement.

9. Kokum fruit

This is a small fruit that looks like a cherry and also has the size of tomato with an excellent aroma. It has a tart flavor and a fruity aroma.

It is also a good substitute for mango powder. However, kokum fruits in dry form can be soaked in warm water and then extracted to add flavor to your dishes.

Furthermore, this fruit can also leave a pink color on your dishes. Yes, don’t panic.

10. Lime Juice

Lime is similar to lemon juice and also offers the same tangy taste that amchur powder offers.

But then, there is a difference that lies in that sharp, sweet taste that lemon is noted for. Yes, lime juice lacks it.

To make up for that, you can add a little sugar.

However, that doesn’t prevent it from being a better replacement for mango powder as a souring spice.

Interesting Facts About Mango Powder

  • Mango powder has different names like amchoor, amchur, and others. However, the botanical name of mango powder is Mangifera Indica
  • The word amchur or amchoor has a Hindi origin. “aam” means mango, and “choor” means powder
  • It is more popular among the Indians and Pakistanis. And is used in different dishes like stews, braises, soups, and salads
  • Mango powder is obtained from dried and ground unripe mango
  • Mango powder can be lumpy if not crumbled properly

Related Questions

What does mango powder do?

Mango powder is a souring agent. It adds that tangy flavor and hints of sweet taste to your dishes like braises, stews, and even salads.

How does mango powder taste?

Mango powder tastes sour with a little sweetness at the undertone.

What is a good substitute for mango powder?

If you don’t need a mango powder or it is not available but want to retain that tangy flavor and fruitiness in your dishes, you may consider using the following as a substitute.

Sumac, kokum fruits, Chaat masala spice, citric acid, loomi, tamarind powder, tamarind paste, vinegar, lemon, and lime juice.

Is amchur powder good for your health?

Yes, amchur or mango powder is good for health as it prevents constipation, thereby aiding bowel movement. Also, amchur is a powerful antioxidant.

What is the use of mango powder?

It is simply a souring agent!If you need that tangy flavor with a little sweet taste while making your dishes, mango powder offers that.


Mango powder, also known as amchur, is an excellentsouring agent obtained from dried and ground unripe mango.

They are used in making different dishes. Popular in India and Pakistan. However, in the absence of mango powder, there are numerous substitutes.

The 10 best mango substitutes include Lime and lemon juice, tamarind powder and paste, kokum fruits, sumac, loomi, citric acid, Anardana, and Chaat masala spice.

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