8 Best Substitutes For Bacon Grease

Bacon grease is oil-like and mouthwatering. The grease is collected after cooking bacon, and the fats are then left to cool. It is very popular worldwide as it adds extra depth and dimension to your dishes.

There are a lot of well-known recipes that involve the use of bacon grease either as the oil for frying or as an extra ingredient.

When you don’t have it at home, you can always settle for other suitable substitutes for bacon grease. Let’s learn more about each of the substitutes below!

Best Substitutes For Bacon Grease

1. Tallow

tallow is a cut from the sheep or cow that can serve as an amazing bacon grease substitute due to its fattiness.

It is often mistaken for a cut of pig, but they are two different things entirely. Fat has an amazing flavor, whether you decide to go for the sheep or the cow.

2. Chicken Skin Grease

Chicken skin grease is a very good substitute for bacon grease as it has the same versatility, and for this reason, it adds a lot of flavors to your dish. Amazingly, it is even considered healthier than bacon grease due to its low cholesterol and saturated fats.

You can also use chicken grease in many dishes ranging from your pancakes to your rice and portions of pasta. So, if you are opting for a substitute with a similar flavor but not much cholesterol and fat, chicken skin grease is the best option you should consider.

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3. Beef Fat

Beef fat is another excellent substitute that would work well in frying your chicken and still maintain a flavor similar to bacon grease. This substitute has a higher smoke point than the olive oil, but it still steadily maintains that desirable flavor when fried.

To achieve a great tasting beef fat, when frying your beef and steak, make sure that you do not burn the skin even a little for you to avoid a bitter-tasting fat. Although this substitute can also work in many different recipes, it can also work perfectly as a substitute.

4. Lard

Lend is a yellow or white butter-like substance from animal fats. When extracted, it is then rendered and purified in a similar process to how butter is being made. Lard is a bit lighter, but it doesn’t matter.

The ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat in lard is relatively high, which means that it is usually liquid at room temperature. For that reason, substituting it for bacon grease wouldn’t be so difficult to do.

Lard is a very healthy option because, compared to butter or margarine, it has a very low cholesterol level the same way it has lesser sodium. The natural tasty and rich flavor of lard makes it easier for it to substitute for bacon grease.

You can get already made lard in supermarkets if you do not have the time to prepare one for yourself, and even if you choose to prepare it instead, it is not as difficult to make as the bacon grease, so why not?

5. Butter

Buttery has a more pronounced feel and taste when compared to bacon grease. Butter provides your dish with a nice and crispy crust like the bacon grease, and I also work perfectly in baked foods.

Extracting your butter is somewhat similar to how lard is being extracted. The bacon grease contains high cholesterol levels, and butter does not pose a safer option.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil is another very good substitute you can make use of, and another added benefit Is that it is very healthy compared to bacon grease. So, if you do want to go high on cholesterol and are also vegan, you can go for this healthy plant-based option.

Olive oil works for every dish as it provides your dish with tender marination and an oil-free texture after your dish has been prepared.

Olive oil has a light color and a mild fragrance, so if you want your oil’s taste to dominate over the major ingredients, then olive oil is sure to provide you with a mild taste.

Olive oil is amazing for your fried chicken, meats, and even fish; it can be used as a salad, dressings, or even as a topping. You can find butter in almost every supermarket like the ones around you, and even the plant-based version is very much available.

You can get a similar taste to the bacon grease with your butter without compromising your health.

7. Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is another amazing oil from the kernel contained in peanuts. If you want a more flavorful substitute, peanut oil will do just the trick by providing you with a stronger nutty taste and an aromatic aroma that can make you addicted to it.

Peanut oil is another healthy form of oil as it contains a low amount of saturated and unsaturated fats. Although peanut oil is good for your cooking purposes, it is not too suitable for baked food because it is a high-temperature oil, just like vegetable shortening.

By high temperature, we mean it can become burnt or scorched when it comes in direct contact with high heat levels, so instead, you can make use so this oil in your dips and marinades, and when you are done with it, you should store I am cool, dry place for it to last much longer.

8. Sesame Oil

Sesame seed is very abundant in a lot of Asian cooking. Sesame seeds can be treated in the same way as the bacon grease, as it also makes a healthy option. You can use this substitute for everything from sauces to marinades, soups, and even stews.

The number of sesame oils can influence the time they can stay preserved. If stored properly in a can between 32- 46 degrees F, your can of oil can last for as long as four to five years.

Related Questions

Is It Safe to Leave Bacon Grease Out?

It is not safe to leave your bacon grease out for more than an hour. Instead of doing that, you can store it in the fridge after storing it in wax paper so it doesn’t leak. You should avoid letting it get in contact with some other contaminants so that it would last longer as it easily gets contaminated.

Can Bacon Grease Be Stored for A Long Time?

Your bacon grease can last for about six months when stored properly. The best place to store your bacon grease is in a refrigerator, but you can store it in a cupboard instead if you are out of refrigerator space. The whole idea behind it is that you should keep this grease safe from contaminants like unwanted odor and flavors.

What Is Bacon Grease Used For?

Beacon grease is amazing in dishes that involve sautéing, baking, and roasting. It can also make you savory dishes that you would love with their mild and buttery texture.

What Can I Substitute for Bacon Grease in Corn Bread?

Any substitute listed above would work for you, but personally, the best I would suggest is lard, butter, or olive oil. Those oils and butter are perfect for use in any substitute that requires baking.

Why Did They Save Bacon Grease During Ww2?

During the 2nd world war, the US government urged their citizens to preserve any excess fat that is gotten after cooking for the army so they could produce explosives, and so it turned out that the bacon grease was not just important for making sweet dishes; it also works well I making good bombs.


These bacon grease substitutes listed are very available in most major supermarkets. They will also provide your dish with the flavor and texture of the original bacon grease, making your dish still stay in line.

It is now up to you to choose the option you prefer the most and enjoy your dish!