6 Best Substitutes For Bacon

Sometimes you might want to achieve that smoky and meaty taste from the bacon in your dish, but there aren’t any portions of bacon around, which is where other substitutes for bacon comes in.

Many people might argue that there is no way to add the crispy and meaty flavor you get in your dish without bacon, while others are after its smoky notes; whatever the situation, there are times when you can’t get to bacon, and you would need to replace it.

Whether you want to cut down your red meat intake and eat something healthier and leaner, or you just want an alternative because you have no idea of where you can get slices of bacon around you, we got you covered.

I’m sure you’re familiar with capicola, duck bacon, prosciutto, beef bacon, turkey bacon, pancetta, and mushroom bacon. These are some of the most suitable bacon substitutes that we’ll be examining in this post.

So, just sit back and enjoy!

What Is Bacon?

We should be very familiar with bacon as it is one of the most popular dishes you can hear about. Bacon is a thinly chopped salt-cured pork that is gotten from the belly of the pig and is also a very common addition to a lot of western diets.

This meat is smoked under medium heat after being soaked in salt, sugar solution, and nitrate. This product can last for a long time due to the addition of salt and nitrate, which helps prevent it from getting easily contaminated by bacteria and multiplying.

Even if the heating and storage are majorly storage techniques, these contribute to the amazing flavor that the bacon has.

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Best Substitutes For Bacon

1. Prosciutto

Prosciutto is an Italian ham with a low amount of fat and cholesterol, but the amount of salt present in it is equal to that of the bacon. The prosciutto can work perfectly if you run out of bacon and need a fair enough substitute.

Prosciutto can be cured for about three years before being cut in thin shavings and used and served uncooked. If you wish to make it as crispy as the bacon top, you can roast it so it can look like bacon at the tip and can be used for your favorite dishes.

2. Capicola

Capicola is not a very popular dish, so many people would be confused by it but not to worry, it is a pig shoulder food and has a very nice taste.

This part is the region between the neck of your pig and its fifth or fourth rib, and this section contains about 30% of fats and 70% lean, so yes, it is suitable for people who watch their weight.

Like the prosciutto, capicola dries perfectly and becomes crispy while maintaining its flavor. For that reason, you can use it for almost any recipe that involves the inclusion of bacon.

The nice taste of this dish is due to the decent amount of salt, olives, fig, wine, and bread that you added to it.

Food experts advised that you should be careful when consuming capicola because the fat content can pile and become too much when eaten too much.

3. Beef Bacon

Beef bacon is a slight lean cut of meat that provides you with the right mix of juicy flavors that is extremely appealing. Beef bacon is the best substitute for bacon you can use during the holidays and treat your friends to an amazing meal.

Beef bacon has a variety of ways you can cook it; either it is sautéed, baked, and then consumed with bread, or you can use it as a side dish to a variety of other dishes to provide a richer flavor.

Due to the amount of fat, this substitute contains, ensure that you keep the flame low when substituting because it is susceptible to getting burnt.

4. Duck Bacon

Many people are in love with this substitute because it contains less fat and is usually cut thicker; I mean, how couldn’t you love meat that you can consume while thick without gaining too much unnecessary weight?

Apart from being tasty, smoked bacon contains the necessary number of vitamins and minerals your body might need making it a healthy substitute for you. If you can add this dish to your menu about three to four times a week, you would be doing your health some good.

5. Turkey Bacon

Although this is not as good as beef bacon, it is one of the most common substitutes you are most likely to find in major supermarkets. This substitute is good for you when you do not like beef or pork and has a lower fat content.

A downturn you are most likely to experience is that this substitute doesn’t provide the crispiness you can get with bacon; apart from that, it is an amazing and healthy substitute.

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6. Mushroom Bacon

We were never going to leave our vegan family behind, and that is why we have the mushroom bacon substitute. This substitute is a vegetarian-friendly one that tastes great after making it with mushrooms.

Some other amazing substitutes for bacon flavor include-

  • Salmon rashers
  • Fish skin bacon
  • Salk pork
  • Guanciale
  • Tofurky smoky bacon
  • Carrot bacon
  • Zucchini bacon
  • Tempeh
  • Chickpeas
  • Coconut bacon
  • Seaweed bacon
  • Cheese bacon

Although these are not the best substitutes you can find, they can also work well as substitutes for your bacon; most of them are vegetarian.

This substitute does not contain meat, so do not be confused by the name. You can use the shiitake mushroom for this and mix it with your spices and other vegetables, and it would still serve perfectly.

Related Questions

What Does Bacon Taste Like?

The major taste of bacon depends on the taste of the pig’s meat used and the technique to which it is sliced. Generally, bacon has a salty, sweet, and fatty taste coupled with a tinge of smokiness, as each may stand out more depending on how it is made.

These flavors are all-powerful, and if you chew your bacon for a bit longer, you can start feeling the sweet taste but generally, they all combine to provide you with a pleasing taste.

What Spices Make a Bacon Flavor?

To attain a piece of spicy bacon, add salt, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and pepper flakes, which create the signature taste for your bacon.

How Do You Make Ground Turkey Taste Like Bacon?

To make your ground turkey taste like bacon, take a few slices, cut them into strips, and put them in your food processor. When it turns to paste, you can now it to your ground turkey and feel the taste. This method also works well in various meats like beef and pork, but the best is to add it to poultry.

What Is Simulated Bacon?

Simulated bacon mixes all the major ingredients that give bacon its signature taste and then adds to your meat. These ingredients mixed include pepper flakes, vegetable oil, salt, vitamins, minerals, and flavors. To give it that signature bacon taste, you can add this flavor or paste to various hot or cold dishes.

Can Simulated Bacon Be Vegan?

While others may think simulated bacon cannot be vegan, the truth is you can use it in your vegan recipes by just making a few adjustments to your recipe. So instead of adding any animal products, you can use soy instead.