What Does Egg Benedict Taste Like?

Egg benedict is more like a staple in most brunch meals. It is made with poached eggs, bacon- mostly Canadian bacon, and sliced ham on a muffin. It is often topped with hollandaise sauce, as these two are said to go hand in hand.

Hollandaise sauce is one of the French mother sauces made with a creamy concoction of egg yolk, butter, lemon juice, and vinegar. So, what does egg benedict taste like?

Egg benedict tastes like the hollandaise sauce, but it tastes more like hot mayonnaise with a buttery taste and a small hint of lemon. Still, some people prepare theirs with a bit more lemon, leaving it with a lemony butter taste with a hint of egg!

Why Are They Called Egg Benedict?

Legend has it that this dish was introduced by a street broker known as Lemuel benedict in 1894 in the ward of the hotel in New York.

Lemuel ordered two poached eggs on a buttered toast, hollandaise sauce, and crisp bacon. He mixed them up together and had the head chef of that time taste it, and he loved it!

After that, egg benedict was added to the English breakfast and lunch menu and named after Mr. benedict. As time went on, chefs made a few modifications to the recipe as the Canadian bacon, and people used English muffins to replace crispy bacon and toast.

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What Does Egg Benedict Taste Like?

There is not much to say about the taste of the egg benedict because it is just having a direct taste as it tastes just like an egg, butter, and lemon.

Most times, the egg benedict has an eggy flavor with a hint of lemon, but for other people, a more lemony taste does it for them.

What Is the Difference Between Egg Benedict and Egg Florentine?

These two are quite very similar, but the major difference is that in the egg Florentine, you added steamed spinach, so basically, egg Florentine is just egg benedict with the addition of steamed spinach.

Most people find egg benedict more appealing, but that doesn’t mean Florentines are not enjoyable. Most kids prefer benedicts because, typically, kids don’t dig into vegetables, but that doesn’t make it less tasty than the benedict.

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Can Egg Benedict Make You Sick?

Unfortunately, for some people, yes. As tasty as the egg benedict, certain eaters report that it is notorious for causing food poisoning since the egg yolks are not fully cooked before being served. The sauce is not allowed to be kept at a high temperature that properly kills the bacteria.

What Side Dishes Can I Have with My Egg Benedict?

Some of the best side dishes you can have with your egg benedict include;

  • Sauteed spinach is best consumed when sauteed because by doing that, you are keeping the carotenoid content, which is a very nutritious and healthy part
  • Roasted asparagus turns crispy and is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and even potassium when roasted
  • Peas- these seeds may be tiny, but they contain a whole load of beneficial vitamins like the vitamins A, E, and C. they pair perfectly with egg benedict
  • Having just tomatoes is boring and plain, but by stuffing your tomatoes with either cheese, rice, or meat, you can enjoy the taste and even nutrients
  • Sliced avocado- till date, avocadoes remain one of the rich and creamy dietary staples. Its rich and velvety texture goes well with the egg benedict
  • Steamed broccoli- just like most green leaves, the broccoli is packed with many nutrients like vitamin C, iron, proteins, and even fiber, and steaming it releases all these together
  • Grapes- grapes are also great sources of nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. On their own, they taste very great, but when paired with a side dish like the egg benedict, it only makes your eating experience a lot better
  • Pear slices- pear is a good choice of side dish for you if you are watching your weight. It contains antioxidants and dietary fiber coupled with the fact that it is fat and cholesterol-free. You can take as much as you want of this healthy snack