What Does Hollandaise Sauce Taste Like? (Explained)

Hollandaise sauce is a very popular sauce in France. It is a rich, delicious, and creamy sauce based on egg yolks and can be applied in many dishes.

This sauce is very easy to prepare as only three major ingredients are used to prepare it, including egg yolks, butter, and lemon or white wine vinegar. But what does hollandaise sauce taste like?

Hollandaise sauce have a rich, creamy and buttery flavor that can vary from tangy to sweet, depending on the preparation method and the event for which it is prepared.

In this article, we will have in-depth knowledge of what hollandaise sauce tastes like, and other things you need to know about it.

What Is Hollandaise Sauce?

This question on hollandaise sauce has to be one of the most important questions you should ask yourself when trying to know what a food tastes like.

Hollandaise sauce is a dish that is native to French and can often be served with other foods like asparagus, egg benedict, or even toast.

It is made originally from butter and lemon juice but is thickened with egg yolk, giving it its distinctive taste. The hollandaise sauce was initially referred to as the “sauce isigny.”

It was originally from a small town in Normandy, which is majorly known for its amazing butter and cream production.

This sauce has a similar taste to mayonnaise, except that it is thicker and has a tangy flavor because it contains lime.

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What Does Hollandaise Sauce Taste Like?

Like I mentioned earlier, Hollandaise sauce has a tangy taste to it and a spicy note to it. Adding salt and pepper to your hollandaise sauce is almost like most to balance out the flavors.

Some people don’t like the addition of lemon or lime juice, but it is necessary to maintain the acid level without using too much vinegar.

What Is Hollandaise Sauce Used For?

There are a lot of uses for the hollandaise sauce because it is very versatile and is one of the three sauces which derives its name from French cuisines; the other two are bechamel sauce and Espagnole.

If the hollandaise sauce is a part of your meal plan, you can incorporate them into your dishes to provide you with a great taste.

Generally, hollandaise sauce adds a little zing to your dishes. It is usually used as a go-to recipe for your cooked eggs, vegetables, and fish. Hollandaise said it could be eaten as a side dish with your classic brunch dish like the egg’s benedict.

Apart from side dishes, hollandaise sauces are used as dresses for dishes like the green beans and boiled potatoes alongside the tuna. Due to its versatility, the hollandaise sauce is sometimes referred to as the ” mother’s milk.”

Many people use the recipe in salmon dishes where the hollandaise sauce is drizzled on a bed of broccoli and served on a bed of rice. The amazing thing about the hollandaise sauce is that it adds enough flavor to any dish without overpowering the main dish.

How Do I Make Hollandaise Sauce?

Hollandaise sauce is very easy to prepare. All you would need for this recipe is egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, and butter.


  • Get your eggs and whisk the egg yolks until they become thick and fluffy.
  • After this must-have is heated, heat this mixture on a stove until medium heat and stir, so it doesn’t burn.
  • When the egg mixture is done, you can now get it out of the stove and add your butter, one spoon at a time.
  • After the butter has been added, you can now add your liquid ingredient three times the amount of the other ingredients: whole eggs, lemon juice, and vinegar.
  • You can now cook for an additional 5 minutes, and then your hollandaise sauce is ready.

You should note that this recipe is not constant as many people have their way of making this amazing sauce.

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Hollandaise sauce is a great way to enjoy great taste and richness with your egg Benedict. You can use this simple recipe we just provided to whip yourself a delicious bowl of this sauce.

Not only does it taste, but the hollandaise sauce is also amazing with many other recipes, so it is a ten out of ten. Have you ever had hollandaise sauce? You can let us know in the comment section.