What Does Wild Boar Taste Like? (Answered)

If you’ve read some popular Asterix comics, you would see that the wild boar is featured as meat for feasts and celebrations.

Anyone who has tasted wild boar will agree with me that it is one of the tastiest meats in the world, and for those of you who haven’t had it yet, you are missing out on some rich and flavorful taste. But what does wild boar taste like?

Wild boar meat is sometimes called pork because of how strongly the animal resembles a pig. It is also very nutritious and very tasty as it has a distinct and juicy flavor that tastes just like the pork.

Let’s quickly learn more about this boar meat and its taste!

What Is a Wild Boar?

A wide boar is an animal that looks a lot like a pig but a wilder one in terms of overall appearance. You could tell these two are apart because the wild boar is leaner and more agile than the pigs, and also, wild boars have a longer snout than the pigs.

These animals are native to North Africa and Eurasia, but now, they can be seen in America and Oceania.

You can eat their meat without feeling guilty because they have been listed as one of the least common animals to go into extinction, and this is because they are fast multiplying and can thrive in almost any type of habitat.

What Does Wild Boar Taste Like?

Most people assume that the meat from a wild boar will taste like pig meat due to the resemblance, but it does not because wild boar meat is a lot tastier.

Their meats appear darker than pork and are also more nutritious as they have a high iron content and less fat content and have a relatively decent amount of protein even if the pork has a good protein content.

Due to this reason, it is vastly gaining popularity among people who are conscious of their health due to its less fat and cholesterol content and high protein. This meat is like a cross between pork and beef with its juicy and rich flavor content.

I’m going to be providing you with a table that compares the nutritional content of the boar meat, pork, beef, and chicken below:

 Cholesterol level in milligramsprotein in grams  Saturated fats in gramsUnsaturated fats in gram
Boar meat55 milligrams per gram26g5.2g2.9g per 100 grams
Pork71 milligrams per grams19.6g22.5g8.3g
Beef62 milligrams per grams19.6g11.2g4.1g
Chicken57 milligrams per grams20.5g4.3g1.4g

How Do I Cook Boar Meat?

You can accomplish more and less than what you get from pork from the boar meat because it depends on how well it is cooked. You can cook some parts of the boar meat the same way as some of the cuts of pork.

For example, you can roast the loin of boar meat as grilled steak, you can prepare the belly region like bacon, and the shoulders can make good carnitas.

This meat can also be minced and chopped into meatballs and even sausages. You should not be worried if you can’t make the boar meat recipe, as there are a lot of mouthwatering recipes on YouTube.

You should always cook your boar meat at low temperature or under low heat because it is a slice of naturally soft meat, and high heat can affect its look and taste in the long run.

When you get your boar meat from the supermarket, do not defrost it in the microwave as it can make it even harder instead, you can just let it down in warm water to melt and then cook it softly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wild Boar Healthy to Eat?

Wild boar meat is one of the healthiest meats you could find as it is also very high in minerals and vitamins and low in sodium and fats.

Does Wild Boat Taste Like Bacon?

I know you would expect the boar meat to taste more like pork because they look like the same animal, but they do not. Wild boar meat is more like a cross between pork and beef with its succulent and unique taste.

What Is the Best Way to Cook Wild Boar?

Wild boar meat is best cooked at lower temperatures to cook it slowly under low heat. If you do not, you might be overcooking your meat which will dry it out faster because it is a lean cut of meat.


The boar meat is a very healthy and tasty meat choice, and we are sure that your mouth would’ve been watering by now just by learning about this meta.

It would be best to try out a boar met recipe one of these days, and I assure you you won’t regret it.