What To Serve with Dauphinoise Potatoes (5 Side Dishes)

Dauphinoise potato is a French cuisine that can be served as a side dish even if it is originally the main dish in most recipes. If you are a big lover of potatoes, you can have this amazing dish as your main dish with a side dish to balance the flavors.

In terms of what to serve with dauphinoise potatoes, there are plenty of them, including roasted lambs, duck breasts, garlic beef steak, roti, parathas, and sauteed veggies. These are just a few of the best side dishes for dauphinoise potatoes.

In this article, I will be providing you with a brief overview of these amazing side dishes. To fully understand the situations where each side dish can work, you should ensure that you read this whole article to the very end.

What To Serve with Dauphinoise Potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes can work as great lunch or dinner, and even though it originates from the French culture, its fame has reached most parts of the world.

How you choose to eat your dauphinoise potatoes depends on you, and it would only make you a bit more creative to want to have it with side dishes.

Some amazing side dishes for dauphinoise potatoes include:

1. Duck Breasts

Here, you can have your dauphinoise potatoes with any meat of your choice, but duck breast was clearly stated out here because they take less time to tenderize.

The whole idea behind all this is that choosing duck breast as a side dish would be perfect if you do not have much time to prepare something that takes more time to get ready.

Duck breasts tend to be crispy on the outside after it has been roasted while maintaining a soft and tender inside.

The tenderness of the duck breast balances the crispiness of the dauphinoise potatoes, making it an amazing substitute. To achieve a tasty meal, you would want to season the slice properly before placing it on a cold pan.

There is no need for you to add olive oil as the meat tends to fry in its oil that would melt from the duck breast. When ready, you can now decide to add a bit of honey or lime juice to your dish to balance the taste.

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2. Roti Or Parathas

One of the best side dishes that can completely complement your dauphinoise potatoes is bread.

Roti and parathas originate from India, and if you want to have a blast combo, you should try fusing a main French dish with an Asian side dish. Rotis are Indian loaves of bread, while parathas are Indian loaves of bread fried in oil.

Even if you cannot determine the crispiness of your roti, you can always fry your parathas to suit your taste. You can season your roti with curries and then your parathas with anything moist like the mint dip or some hollandaise sauce to compliment the dry nature of this bread.

A mouthful of parathas dipped in your sauce mixed with the crispy dauphinoise is totally out of this world!

3. Naan Bread

The naan bread is another amazing side dish that can go with your dauphinoise potatoes. They are usually over baked flatbread common to Indians as the naan roti or pandora roti.

These slices of bread are different from the regular type of roti because to make them, and yeast has to be added to the flour for it to inflate enough to make a visibly bigger roti.

Naan is very versatile as it can be available in many flavors like soy, butter, garlic, or just plain naan. You should note that you do not need an oven to bake your naan bread; you can use your regular coal pot, but ensure that you have kneaded the dough properly.

You still do not need a lot of fancy ingredients to make a slice of good naan bread; as long as you have enough kneaded, you will be able to bake a lot of delicious naan loaves of bread.

Naan bread tastes just like your regular sliced bread except that it is softer, making it a good side dish choice for your dauphinoise potatoes.

4. Beef Steak

Like I said earlier, any meat would go well with potatoes cooked differently. The common beef steaks are the normal steak and the garlic steak; you should note that they do not mean the same as the garlic steak must have been seasoned with enough garlic already.

Let’s say you decide to make your steak with a rib eye, and you should ensure that you add enough seasoning to your meat because if not properly seasoned, you would most likely lose about 40% of the seasoning when it is pan-fried.

Plain steaks compliment the dauphinoise potatoes very well, but the garlic steak compliments it perfectly with its creaminess. For some great tips on seasoning your steak properly, you can check out Gordon Ramsay on YouTube.

5. Sauteed Vegetables

This side dish may sound boring compared to all other side dishes mentioned, but if you are vegan, this is the best option you can try out.

Even if you are non-vegan, eating healthy should also be your priority, as you can achieve that by having this side dish with your dauphinoise potatoes.

A great vegetable mix you can try is carrots, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli. You can also chip in a bit of tomato, snake gourd, and even cauliflower, pawns, and even sesame seeds to make it more exciting.

Sauteed vegetables are an excellent choice if you have little time and are on a diet due to their low-fat content. Vegetables are generally packed with many macronutrients that your body needs, and you can even cook it all up in olive oil to make your meal a lot healthier.

If you are non-vegan adjust and want to try this out, you can add scrambled eggs to this just for that sunny side up.

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