Yum Yum Sauce Vs Spicy Mayo: Key Differences

Is yum yum sauce better than spicy mayo? Today, we’ll examine the differences between yum yum sauce vs spicy mayo from a number of angles.

Yum yum, the sauce is a Japanese condiment typically served with hibachi. It has a base of mayonnaise and ketchup, making it slightly sweet, creamy, and tangy.

Spicy mayo also has a creamy texture and is typically served as a topping or sauce. It’s made with a base of mayonnaise and sriracha.

Both sauces have a similar color but are distinguishable by their respective thicknesses: yum yum sauce is thinner, while spicy mayo has more body. They also differ in flavor profile: they have different flavor notes, while both are creamy.

Yum yum is sweet from the ketchup and tangy from the vinegar. Spicy mayo is hot from the sriracha but otherwise fairly plain-tasting due to the lack of other ingredients.

Below, we’ll go much more in-depth into their key differences!

What Is Yum Yum Sauce?

Yum Yum Sauce is PURE MAGIC. It’s a simple, creamy sauce that tastes like it has a secret ingredient. Do you know the kind of sauce I’m talking about? The kind of sauce that you want to drown everything in? Yeah, that’s yum yum sauce.

Yum yum sauce is the sweet, spicy Japanese dipping sauce that you can use on just about anything. It’s traditionally served with sushi, but you can put it on anything — from sweet potato fries to grilled cheese. Seriously, I’ve had it on ice cream. It’s fantastic.

Furthermore, you can drizzle it over fried chicken or fried shrimp, dip your sushi into it or put it in your rice bowl. It’s also great as a salad dressing!

But what does yum yum sauce taste like?

Let’s go over the ingredients: mayonnaise, sugar, mirin (a light rice wine), ketchup, paprika, and water. Yum yum sauce tastes like many different things, and it’s hard to describe because of the complex ingredient’s flavor.

Other people say it tastes like tartar sauce. Some people say it tastes like Russian salad dressing. Others say that it has a hint of curry or sriracha or Worcestershire sauce. The bottom line is that you should try some for yourself and decide what Yum Yum Sauce tastes like!

What Is Spicy Mayo?

Spicy Mayo is a popular condiment used in Japanese and American cuisine. It’s called Spicy mayo because it is both spicy and made with mayonnaise

Furthermore, spicy mayo looks like regular mayo but has a reddish hue from the addition of hot sauce. Spicy Mayo tastes like regular mayo with a hint of spiciness from the hot sauce.

It is a versatile condiment that can take your meal from plain to perfect. You can use Spicy Mayo as a dip for french fries or onion rings or as a spread for sandwiches and burgers. Anyway, you can put Spicy mayo on just about anything you eat: vegetables, meat, sushi, eggs, toast—you name it.

If you don’t have Spicy mayo on hand, don’t worry! You can make the simplest spicy mayo ever. Mix 2 tablespoons of sriracha and 1/2 cup of mayonnaise in a small bowl until well-combined —and that’s it!

Yum Yum Sauce Vs Spicy Mayo: Differences

ComparisonYum Yum SauceSpicy Mayo
FlavorYum yum sauce is sweet and tangySpicy mayo is creamy with a kick of spice.
Ingredient And ColorYum Yum Sauce is made with mayonnaise, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, garlic powder, and paprika. It is darker in color than Spicy Mayo and is typically served with Japanese food like hibachi chicken, steak, or shrimp.Spicy Mayo is made with eggs, vegetable oil, vinegar, garlic, and spices. It is lighter in color than Yum Yum Sauce, and it is typically used on sushi or seafood.
Which Is HealthierYum yum sauce is tasty and healthy to some extentSpicy mayo is a healthier option than Yum Yum Sauce because it has fewer calories, less saturated fat, and less sodium.

Does Spicy Mayo Have A Unique Origin Story?

Founder Bob accidentally developed spicy mayo. He was trying to make mayo out of spicy ketchup, and it didn’t go very well.

But he wasn’t about to waste his creation, so he started putting it on everything.

After a few weeks, the people in his life started to get annoyed at just how much he would put Spicy Mayo on things.

Even his girlfriend started telling him that maybe it was time for him to move on to something else — that maybe, just maybe, he should put down the Spicy Mayo bottle for a while and see what happened.

But Bob knew better than to listen to her. He knew that if he could just keep going with it, one day, people would catch on and start loving Spicy Mayo as much as he did.

And so that’s what happened: first, his friends started using it, then their friends started using it, and now here we are, with millions of jars sold worldwide!

Related Questions

Why Is Yum Yum Sauce So Good?

It’s something I can’t place my finger on! Yum yum sauce is so good because it’s just…delicious. It combines creamy, savory, and sticky-sweet flavors that tingle your taste buds. You can’t help but want more and more.

How Long Does Store-Bought Yum Yum Sauce Last In The Fridge?

While homemade yum yum sauce is best consumed immediately, store-bought yum yum sauce can last in the fridge for up to two months. Keep in mind that you should keep it in a sealed container to maintain freshness after opening the bottle.

Where Can You Get Yum Yum Sauce In The Store?

This sauce is often served in Japanese steakhouses. It is also popular in the South (with many restaurants adding their spin). You can find it at your local grocery store in the condiment aisle. You can buy it online at Amazon or other retailers like Walmart and Target.

Is There Spicy Mayo In Sushi?

Yes! Some common types of sushi that contain spicy mayo include:

  • Spicy tuna roll
  • California roll
  • Dragon roll

Which Type Of Sauce Goes Better On A Burger?

We recommend Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Dill Pickle Relish, or Spicy Brown Mustard.


If you’re tearing your hair out over whether or not to go with Yum Yum Sauce Vs Spicy Mayo, let us give you some to think; about their health benefits and nutritional value.

Go for the healthiest sauce. The flavor doesn’t count here since they both taste like.

Also, it would be best if you put their texture into perspective.

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